The Awareness of Self-Discovery

The Awareness of Self-Discovery

by William Samuel

This book is for those who want Illumination itself, not a description of it--and for those who want to know how to live it.

This volume is a companion to A GUIDE TO AWARENESS AND TRANQUILLITY. It will expand the themes presented in that book and permit a degree of insight into the not always easy, but requisite living of them...

This book is intended for those who want peace of mind and are prepared for it. Those who are prepared are those who are willing to leave old landmarks--willing to forsake ego and intellectuality. Those who do will find these words instantaneously effective.

All of us who have lived this philosophy have found that we are able to see the immediate end of much personal agony the instant we pull the rug from the under our former value judgments.

It is our continual ''This is good and that is bad; I love this and hate that; this is valuable and that worthless; this, dangerous, that safe, etc.'' that precludes either a clear perception or a full enjoyment of the Perfect NOW.

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