Barefoot At Heart - By Sandy Jones

Sandy Jones -Author of Barefoot at Heart 

Barefoot at Heart

The Alchemy of Love

and the Power of Light


by Sandy Jones

In this tapestry of personal anecdotes interwoven with the wisdom of her humble and respected philosophical mentor, William Samuel, Sandy Jones shows us her own personal journey of discovering the child within.

Through stories of her childhood in California, to her life falling in love and raising a family in Aspen and back to California again, we are taken on an intimate tour of the joys and heartaches of living and the power of trusting in what is innate and true in each of us. We discover the wisdom of the child-like spirit seen through the eyes and experience of one who embodies that very spirit.

With Sandy as our guide and William’s words strung throughout, we remember what it feels like to be free and unafraid, like children running through sprinklers barefoot and laughing and falling down and laughing again.

Barefoot at Heart is at once an autobiographical narrative, a conversation with life, a glimpse of a philosophy lived, and a love letter to the great mystery that holds us all.

Sandy takes us on a secret path she has forged, past the huckleberries, through the brambles and into the wide open field of our own sweet hearts, and whispers that we can go there any time we like. And we pause, and look around and feel a new freedom and say, like Celeste from Sandy’s own childhood record, “That’s the place for me.”

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